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book.thief says:

Camera work not for the queasy

GamesFan says:

AN UNIQUE LIFETIME EXPERIENCE-The First Chayanne Live Show Recorded This guy is amazing. After selling 20million records came with an impressive change, the album SINCERO-2003, USA Grammy 2004 award nominee, plenty of beautiful ballads and crazy rythms, a state-of-the-art production by Luis Ochoa, Rene Toledo (The producer of the best Julio Iglesias albums) and a couple of guys of his 90′s era. After that amazing album that have sold more than one million records, Chayanne release a couple of personal and interesting as himself albums with great success. But…

Sam Mann says:

Great Singing and Dancing If you are a Chayanne fan I need not explain how great this DVD is to you. If you are wondering who Chayanne is, this review may provide you with some insight. Chayanne is a singing and dancing musical sensation. From Puerto Rico originally, though his entertainment factor has no boundaries. I’ve been a fan since 1997 when I first heard Baila Baila and Guajira off his Volver A Nacer CD. If you like superbly crafted pop music with amazing musical backing and great emotive vocals you will…

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