Salsa: Latin Pop Music in Cities [VHS]

June 6, 2017 - Comment


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Amazon Customer says:

Interesting social conditions of the 70′s This is an interesting video made up of film shoot in the 70′s during the heyday of New York’s Salsa movement.It is not a musical but rather a look at everyday conditions of the New York Salsa community.It has some small dance & music performances but I enjoyed it most for the insight it gave into the Salsa community during it’s peak.It was interesting watching the greatest artists of this community play for Weddings, & in schools & for free.It was interesting thinking…

delbahia says:

A brilliant snapshop of salsa. What a wonderful discovery to find on a clear screen young and youthful Salsa legends Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, Charlie Palmieri, “El Rey” Tito Puentes and “La Raina de la Salsa” Celiz Cruz. Made and released in 1979, this documentary has a bit too much narration but is nonetheless a magnificent snapshot of the evolution of the music. Anyone interested in Salsa must see this film. Complete songs are rare, as is music uninterrupted by the narration, but the magic is…

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