Christmas on the Border: A Spicy Holiday Recipe of Texas Blues, Hot Country, and Mexican Salsa

December 12, 2016 - Comment
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Curtis A. Page says:

Awful…this is crap!

Chris Rogers says:

Christmas With All the Spice! I don’t know who the people are who gave this a good review…friends and family maybe? There is no Christmas soul in this at all, except the lyrics and those are expressed poorly. One review wrote “tasteful new arrangements of classic tunes”, yeah if you like the taste of used toilet paper. Another review states “Very good latino music. I collect Christmas music, and this is one of the best of the “ethnic” type”…yeah I guess if you think Taco Bell is fine mexican cuisine.I had a very…

Anonymous says:

This is a really fun CD for anyone whose Christmas music selection includes tasteful new arrangements of classic tunes. Sometimes, I find an arrangement that is too close to the original except for a subtle addition like a backbeat to be too cheesy and I’m better off with the original tune. But an artistic arrangement can be a fresh breath for a classic song and that is what this CD offers. Gary Chapman, John Mulkey, and others pull off some great arrangements with a New Orleans style “O…

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