A Man and His Music: La Voz [Remastered Compilation]

July 22, 2016 - Comment
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enpdllp says:

Another sonic disappointment It appears that Emusica is trying to cash in on El Cantante movie release and pushed this compilation as quickly as they could.The selection of songs is excellent and the fact that they did not pulled the same stunts as FANIA did in the past (40 minute CD’s) is commendable but they screwed up again on the sonics of this compilation.Some of the songs (Aguanile, Te Conozco, Barrunto, Todo Tiene Su Final, Periódico de Ayer, Hacha y Machete & Vamos a Reír un…

F. Gonzalez says:

Viva El Maestro Lavoe

Mr. A. Singleton says:

Fantastic This is such a good double CD. It contains the masterpieces that are Isla Del Encanto and El Cantante. There is a nice variety of musical styles too – not just salsa but a few bouncy Cumbia songs. As mentioned by another reviewer, it’s strange that El Dia De Mi Suerte is not included but it seems to be common practice for “Best Of…” CDs to have at least one hit missing so you have to buy some other CD. Despite this it’s still a great compilation and would be a good introduction if you’re new…

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