Pagan Rites

August 25, 2014 - Comment
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Chris Jepsen says:

As good a modern take on Exotica as you’re going to find I stumbled across Ixtahuele’s digital EP last year and have been looking forward to this full album ever since. If there’s any justice in the world, these Swedes should soon be wildly popular in the tiki/exotica revival scene.Many *other* modern takes on musical exotica diverge from the sound (if not he spirit) of their inspiration. Often the instrumentation is off (e.g. synthesizers), the songs are indistinguishable from one another (i.e. the “New Age” effect), or it’s merged with some other form of music (e.g. surf rock). Some of this updated exotica is excellent in its own right, but it often does not transport you to the heyday of Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman.Ixtahuele, however, is exactly on target. With your eyes closed, you’d swear “Pagan Rites” was a lost, Mid-Century classic of the genre.Thor Heyerdahl was from Norway. Sven Kirsten is from Germany. Why not an exotica band from Sweden? If you have any doubts, check out their work on…

Allen's Brain says:

The lost exotica record from the 1960s is found! I can’t stop listening to this disc!It’s a new release, by a modern band, but the sound is brilliantly-made classic exotica! If you love the holy trinity of the genre: Martin Denny, Les Baxter, and Arthur Lyman, then this album is definitely for your ears!While this Swedish group has captured the *sound* of those great recordings, these aren’t retreads of old standards. There’s no “Bali Hai,” “Yellow Bird,” “Quiet Village” or “Hawaiian War Chant.” Instead, Ixtahuele — named for a group of Polynesian islands — has written & recorded ten all-new instrumental numbers. And though the band and album are modern, the music is decidedly un-modern.Here’s the test: Put Pagan Rites in a mix with classics by the masters, punch “random,” and see if you notice when Ixtahuele is playing. It blends beautifully!Buy Pagan Rites. Put on your aloha shirt and/or fez. Mix up a Mai-Tai. Relax, and let the exotic sounds of…

John G312 says:

Great modern exotica 0

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