Mambo King 3

September 16, 2015 - Comment
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luis de quesada says:

The Mambo King- “PREZ” Perez Prado & His Orch. Vol.3 Re-issuing many of the Perez Prado recordings for RCA during the 50′s was one of the greatest gifts the famous BMG/Tropical Series gave all afro-cuban music and series fans. This particular CD, was the last Prado re-issue released by series producer Domingo Echevarria in 1996. As was customary and whenever possible, first generation analog master tapes were used for this re-issue. Most of the songs on this CD were RCA recordings by Prado from his 1951 U.S. and particularly NYC tour, when I…

Jack Mootz says:

The Band that had the country’s Ear The early ’50′s were the end of the Big Band Era. Prez Prado was one of the few bands still traveling, and recording. Not only that, it was the only commercial big band, bands like Stan Kenton broke away from commercial music, to play new and exciting music. The Mambo King exemplifies what was at that time new, and exciting. The musicians were some of the finest there were out of New York; the lead trumpet, Jack Mootz, was the finest on the East Coast, and I’m not just saying that because…

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