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This Bob’s critically acclaimed album from 1983.

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This Bob’s critically acclaimed album from 1983.


Johnny Boy says:

In my opinion THE definitive ’80s album for Dylan (or any artist for that matter) I am a Dylan fanatic, as I have said many times. I’m not bragging by any stretch, but I own literally just about every piece of music the man has put out. Bootlegs, complete live concerts, rare soundtrack songs, outtakes, acetates, you name it. If it’s Dylan, odds are I have it. So this review is coming from a true Dylanologist here.The album that made me a Dylan fan was ‘Infidels.’ While this was not the first Dylan album I bought (that honor goes to 1970′s ‘Self Portrait,’ which I…

gesegnet says:

One of his best This is one badass lineup Dylan put together on this one. Mark Knopfler production and signature amazing guitar work with Mick F’n Taylor in a supporting role. Very easily might be in Dylan’s top five or at least top ten. Great songs, with sort of a reggae Springsteen type feel. Super minor complaint but I wish Mick was a little louder in the mix in a few spots. Dylan probably has 12-15 albums that all rank five stars and this is one of them. My top Dylan power list: 1) Highway 61 2) Blonde on…

Anonymous says:

This is one of my favorite Dylan albums. The best thing about this album is it is all in allegory. It is so well done this will probably go down as Dylan’s most misunderstood albums. Many characters represent people in the world today. Of course the Neigborhood Bully is Israel as Dylan stauchly defends his actions. Union Sundown obviously attacks corrupt unions. But others are more subtle. I am often amazed that even Dylan’s most ardent fans don’t have clue. Isn’t it obvious who the “Jokerman”…

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