5 Classic Albums [5 CD]

October 2, 2016 - Comment
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The Scholarly Serpent says:

Four Great Studio Albums And A Just Ok Live Album

D.J. 'Elvis' Tillotson says:

All the best…Soundgarden ROCKS!!! This is a fantastic deal for those who don’t own any of Soundgarden’s albums.For the audiophiles out there, I can say that the sound quality on these albums is quite excellent and they have a pretty good dynamic range. They aren’t mastered too loud, and there is a good amount of space for the tracks to breath. The album versions in this set are the original versions, no pointless remasters or any nonsense like that, just the original albums in all their glory!The only downside…

Anonymous says:

Nothing here but really, really good music. It’s all here, the ‘classic’ albums as the title indicates. Badmotorfinger, Superunknown, 2 other studio albums and a great live one I had never even heard of. If you like these guys, you will LOVE this collection. This is for anyone who loves 90′s grunge/hard rock. I just got on the Soundgarden bandwagon(about 15 years late!) because I like Audioslave and Amazon recommended Superunknown to me. I never liked Soundgarden much back in the day when…

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