Songs of the Civil War [VHS]

December 5, 2016 - Comment
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Nicole Harpe says:

Less is more and therein lies the greatness There’s minimal narration here. The music and the artists do the storytelling and the performers treat all the songs with great respect. It’s wonderful to hear Sweet Honey in the Rock singing “No More Auction Block for Me” and then listen to Ronnie Gilbert belt out “Lincoln and Liberty”. It is this juxtaposition that makes this video outstanding. I especially want to commend Kathy Mattea’s offerings. She is truly in her element here. This is what she should be singing. It is…

Amazon Customer says:

Why isn’t this part of Ken Burns’ Civil War DVD collection?!? I first saw this video when it was broadcast in the DC area following a rebroadcast of the Ken Burns Civil War epic. Because this was so closely associated with the Civil War (Ken Burns and Shelby Foote both appear as commentator) I was disappointed when it was not part of the DVD version of the series and confused when I could not find reference to it on any PBS site. Finally, I saw it on Amazon and bought a used VHS version of it and it’s all I remember. Very powerful and an important…

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