Volvio El Dolor

November 9, 2016 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

The best of the best

Anonymous says:

This album is one of the best bachata albums of all time. Luis vargas is the best bachatero of his time and the next to come, he has taught many well known singers in a short period of time 2 singers for example are (anthony santos&raulin rodriguez) He’s a pioneer in this wonderful form of music he sings from his heart and writes every song with feelings and that to me my friends is terrific, another thing is that his voice is heard not only in the dominican republic and the u.s. but world wide who would think that this music would go so far,I…

Anonymous says:

Luis Vargas is one of the greatest bachata singers that has ever exisred. Once again he has proved what a great performer of bachata he is. He is an innovator and one of the main representatives of this dominican rithym called bachata. This album is titled after the great hit “El Dolor”, which is undoubtedly to become one of the all time favorites. But, not surprisingly, atleast 2 more songs can hold a place as one of the greatest songs too. That’s what makes this album so great…

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